Boys Choir School

New school and choir logo emblem

The world famous South African Drakensberg Boys Choir is unique and one of only a few of its kind globally. The choir emerges from a private boarding school using choral music as a significant vehicle for holistic education.

The mission of the Drakensberg Boys Choir School is to prepare boys for life and leadership through excellence in music, academics, physical development and social enrichment, in a Christian environment.

I felt privileged to have been awarded the job of creating a revised emblem and a corporate identity for the school. The emblem needed to reflect the heritage and prestige of the school, the result of which has been a success story with the new identity being warmly embraced by the school and the community.

A corporate ID guide was created as a guideline to show how to position and use the new emblem and the approved school colours and fonts on a number of items, from embroidery on blazers, the school year book, posters, tickets, stationery, school signage, school bus, uniforms, sports and tour bags, to digital communications such as the website, emails and for invoices.


Client: Drakensberg Boys School Choir

Art direction & design: Michael Souter

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